Introducing Convertec

Premium Quality made in Germany

Transfer Paper Balken

Convertec GmbH, delivers transfer or decal paper for the production of screen prints for porcelain, glass and metal. Our transfer paper is also very suitable for the production of temporary tattoos.

For more than ten years, Convertec is the exclusive distributor of Hi-Coat Ltd. from Thailand. We are one of the main suppliers for all well-known ceramic, glass  and screen print manufactures for Europe.


Available qualities are:

Convercal 170 (170gsm) and
Convercal 180 (180gsm)

Convercal 180 has been developed for noble-metal prints such as gold, silver and platinum.
Standard sizes for Convercal 170 are: 50x70cm, 60x80cm and 62x83cm. For the premium quality Convercal 180 are: 50x70cm and 60x80cm.
Other sizes from A4 up to 100cmx200cm can be requested.

For further information please contact;

Mr. Axel Lemcke:
Fon: +49 7841 206612
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 58502517
Fax: +49 7841 206622
E-mail: alemcke@cvt-gmbh.de

Ms. Isabel Winterhalter:
Fon: +49 7841 206615
E-mail: iwinter@cvt-gmbh.de