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Hart-PVC 430 W FR

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Product Features


Hart-PVC 430 W FR

Width / Length

91,4 cm (36“) – 106,7 cm (42“) / 20 m


440 ± 30 µ

Core Ø



DIN 4102-1 B1

Product description

  • Hart PVC 430 is a coated, white-opaque, PVC Film without plasticizing agents and with good optical density.
  • An enhanced, white- matte inkjet coating suitable for water based printing systems achieves very good print results and aging stability with pigmented inks.
  • The material is extremely durable, tear resistant and has very good stiffness.
  • Width: 91,4 cm (36“), 106,7 cm (42“)
  • Length: 20 m


  • Rigid PVC
  • Matte surface
  • Dye / pigment inks
  • High opacity
  • Intense color density
  • Fast dry
  • Durable

Recommended Application

  • Pop-Up Display System
  • POS Advertisement for indoor and outdoor
  • Lamination recommended for outdoor application
  • Pop-Up with strong curved end caps