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Art Fleece sk 210 S FR

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  • Art_Fleece_210_sk_FR_ohne_Praegung_back

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Product Features


Art Fleece sk 210 S FR

Width / Length

106 cm (41,7″) / 30 m


240 ± 20 g/m²

Core Ø



DIN 4102-1 B1

Product description

  • PVC free, non-woven wallpaper made of pulp and synthetic fibers
  • removable water based acrylic adhesive for easy application
  • water repellant, silk inkjet coating provides excellent printing results for fine art reproduction
  • compatible for solvent based printing systems
  • surface is either smooth or textured
  • the product meets fire classification B1 building material in accordance to Norm DIN 4102-1 “not easily flammable”. Please refer to test certificate.
  • Width: 106 cm (41,7″)
  • Length: 30 m


  • excellent printing results and fast drying of inks
  • very good wall and crack coverage
  • dimensionally stable

Recommended Application

  • temporary application for indoor use
  • individual wall decor for exhibition especially for trade shows and museum
  • photographic and art portrays