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After the establishment in January 1988, Convertec has mainly engaged in the refining and processing of paper and cardboard. Beginning of the nineties is the coating of films (PVC and PE) was added with the purpose of being able to use these materials for new printing techniques (thermal transfer). These activities lead directly to the 1994 digital large format printing (LFP) and the demand for media.


A joint development with one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive PVC films resulted in one of the first inkjet printable, self-adhesive PVC film with matt surface and respectable water resistance. Continuous development of the topcoat to give the possibility to use other carriers. So the gate was opened for a wide range of products and, if the basis for a distribution system after the pattern of a “private labeling”.

“Not the big eat the small, but the Fast and flexible the cumbersome lame”

Some of the most innovative and successful European companies with the necessary expertise and market presence in Europe today selling our products as part of their private label ranges. We are proud that our partners are always among the best in their market, and strive to address all of sales-related concerns of our partners quickly and easily.